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It’s obvious that a land with such a cultural heritage will definitely have treasure of classical as well as folk art forms in store. Kerala is no different.  Kathakali, Mohiniattam and Kalaripayattu, this trio needs no introduction among the art enthusiasts as well as tourists across the globe.  Among folk art forms of Kerala, Theyyam – known for its fearsome masks and the trance like state of the performer, Thiruvathirakali – a graceful dance by women during Onam and Kaikotikalli a dance performed by women to celebrate a wedding are well known.

But the one who dominates all others is Kathakali.


Kathakali performance

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Kathakali, a classical dance form, with a very theatrical presentation style dominates is considered as the master art form of Kerala. Tales from the Indian epics like Ramayana and Maha Bharatha are depicted in a unique presentation of signs and symbols accompanied by mesmerizing kathakali songs. Kathakali is characterized by its elaborate costumes and make up, which takes hours for the performer to put on. A Kathakali performance which lasts all night long is an enchanting audio visual treat which stands testimony to the rich cultural lenience of the state

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