AYURVEDA- ‘The Science of Life’

Ayurveda TourismAyurveda is an age-old system of medical treatment in tune with nature which is considered as one of the greatest contributions of India to the world. Ayurveda, a healing system that has been practiced in India for centuries still holds its place as the best way to a healthy living through holistic therapies which rejuvenates the body and mind. Kerala is home to many a doyen in Ayurveda.

The basis of Ayurveda considers that all living organisms are made up of five elements which are singularly known as ‘Panchamahabhutas’ consisting of earth, water, fire, air and vacuum. When these five elements are in harmony, a body is in equilibrium. When there is a deviation from the status quo, the body surrenders to various diseases and requires the assistance of Ayurveda to regain the lost health. Massage is the most common form of Ayurvedic therapy. Massage with essential oils and extracts of healing herbs is the most popular form of Ayurvedic treatment. Once the massage is performed, it gives relief from stress and strain as well as from various ailments such as Spondyllitis, back injuries, sprains, joint pain and muscle cramps.

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  1. joy says:

    Ayurveda-gift from India to world

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