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The Kerala Government is organising the World’s largest expo on Kerala Coir and Natural Fibre products - Coir Kerala 2011, from February 04 – 07, 2011 at Alappuzha. The four day event aims at exploring and expanding the international market for coir products from Kerala and to encourage use of latest machinery and technology in the coir production sector. About 50 export oriented firms and over 150 coir product manufacturing companies from across India with delegates from all over are expected to participate in Coir Kerala 2011. This will  emerge as the biggest, most influential and comprehensive event on Coir and Natural Fibre products. This mega event will provide ample opportunities for domestic manufacturers and overseas buyers to meet and interact on business, trading, joint ventures, strengthening of existing markets, establishing new markets, transfer of technology and technical know-how and widening of contact base.

The history of Coir and its association with Kerala dates back to the 19th Century. Sandwiched between the Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west, Kerala is one of the most beautiful States in India. A tropical paradise of waving coconut palms and wide sandy beaches, this thin strip of coastal territory slopes down from the mountain ghats in a cascade of lush green vegetation and varied fauna. One of the most commonly seen tropical trees in Kerala is the Coconut tree. In fact, even the name Kerala (Keralam in Malayalam) is derived from this tree (‘Kera’ in Malayalam language means Coconut and ‘Alam’ means Land, thus Keralam = Land of Coconut). Everything from Kerala’s culture to its dishes is evolved around the Coconut tree.

Coir Kerala 2011 will offer:

# Value added range of Coir products
# Innovative Coir & Natural Fibre products
# Latest technologies in Coir machinery
# Impetus from the Crafts Sector, Research & Development
# End products and their applications
# Innovations for the future
# Insight into upcoming trends and future markets


# Creating opportunities for Companies / Manufacturers to interact with key personnel from Government as well as private agencies involved in the development and promotion of the Coir and Natural Fibre sector

# Perfectly timed to benefit from ‘Go Green’ movement and growing preference for eco-friendly, natural fibre products around the world, especially as the awareness of natural products and their ecological advantages are gaining strength

# Enable major trading and retail chains to choose latest designs, exchange ideas on current fashion trends and preferences of customers for coming seasons

# Bring together the industry experts and technologists tos hare and exchange the latest research and technical information on Coir

# Update on latest trade regulations, Government norms and logistics

Who will participate:

# Manufacturers, Buyers, Suppliers, Distributors / Agents, Retailers
# Foreign Companies seeking joint Ventures, Manufacturers of Machinery
# Government Organisations, Associations and Trade Bodies

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