Venice of East

A boat in Alleppey backwaterThe state’s most popular tourist destination today Alappuzha has been traditionally dubbed the Venice of East for its criss-crossing canals and labyrinth of lakes and lagoons. An ancient maritime trade centre, Alappuzha still bears the tell-tale marks of its tumultuous history and hoary tradition. Alappuzha provides the core of the state’s backwaters and hence the central point for the state’s most popular attraction today; backwater cruises. The sprawling water bodies have also helped the district to hold the state’s most prominent boat races including the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial International Boat Race held every August.

Alappuzha holds the largest part of the Vembanad lake, the country’s second largest lake and also a wet land of international significance as defined by the Ramsar convention. Kuttanad, the region called state’s rice bowl in Alappuzha provides a delightful spectacle with the verdant, lush and panoramic paddy fields lined with unending rows of coconut palms and surrounded by sprawling water bodies. Kuttanad lying below sea level has a unique topography and ecosystem reminding Holland. Home for Kerala’s most important traditional industry coir Alappuzha has a unique role in state’s history. For it was this land which had witnessed many legendary popular movements which ensured the people of Kerala basic human rights and dignity

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