Erumely epitomises religious harmony -Hindu and Muslim shrines stand side by side. The loud chanting and the sound of conch shells from the two temples mingle with the muezzin’s call to prayer from the minaret of the mosque located between the two. Erumely is a beehive of activity during the pilgrimage season, being an important destination for Sabarimala pilgrims.

Vavar Mosque:

Dedicated to Vavar, the Muslim friend and guide to Ayyappa. He is believed to have helped Ayyappa kill the demon in the form of a buffalo. Pilgrims proceeding to Sabarimala also worship at this mosque.


Standing just opposite Vavar Mosque, there are two statues near its entrance, of Vavar Swamy and Kadutha Swamy. This is where the famous petta thullal  the ritual art form performed by pilgrims to Sabarimala  starts. As the name suggests (kochu means ‘small’),
it is a small temple, but is surrounded by vast grounds.


This is built in the traditional Kerala temple style and is located a kilometre from Kochambalam.


It is an old, thatched mud house, standing a few hundred metres from Kochambalam. Legend has it that an old woman who once lived here gave shelter and food to Lord Ayyappa for a night, and the god, in turn, presented her with the sword he had used to slay the buffalo demon, Mahisham. The sword is displayed in the hut.

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