Idukki – The Spice Hills

Idukki Arch DamThe high range district epitomizes Kerala’s verdant greenery and spice scented hills. The state’s largest district, it is home to some of Kerala’s most exotic destinations: Periyar wild life sanctuary, tea plantations in Munnar high ranges, the chilling heights of Anamudi. With 50% of Idukki under forest cover also shelters the state’smain source for electricity: the Idukki Hydro power project with three hugedams. Rich with innumerable jungle and mountain trekking trails, Idukki isa hit for the adventure tourist.

With a spew of colonial style estate bunglows turned home stays now, the Idukki experience is near perfect. However the most unique experience in Idukki is its plantation toursthrough its tea, coffee, cardamom, pepper estates. The tour provides anostalgic or historical trip down centuries. For the history of modern Iduldti starts with the advent of European planters in 19th century. Year 1877 marked the beginning of Idukki’s tryst with European planters and estates when the local king sold 277 sq miles of Kanan Devan Hills to John Daniel Munroe, a British planter. The tea plantation filled Munnar town still retains some of the old colonial charm with the remains of its century-old rail way line, exquisite estate bunglows etc. Idukki is home for a large tribal community with more than 200 settlements spread across the district.

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