This small trading town doubles as the headquarters of the Wayanad district. Verdant peaks, trekking trails, waterfalls and lakes make it a haven for nature lovers. However, in the heart of town, shops and commercial establishments jostle for space.Coffee, banana, pepper, ginger and other spices find their way out of the district through Kalpetta’s many bazaars Government offices, trade and commerce, and of late, tourists, give this town a lively, purposeful air.A stronghold of Jainism for a long time, the glass temple of Kottamunda and the Anantha Krishna Puram Jain temple are reminders of this early heritage.

Chembra Peak:

At 2,100 m, this peak is the highest in Hayanad. The summit offers spectacular views of the surrounding hills, rocks and valleys. Despite a tricky ascent, the peak draws trekking enthusiasts in hordes.

Karalad Lake:

A huge lake, spread across 7 acres and surrounded by dense bamboo groves, it is ideal for a peaceful, quiet break. Adjoining hills provide great trekking options. The Banasura Sagar Dam is only about 3 km to the north from the Karalad Lake.
Location: In Thariode, 16 km from Kalpetta.ating timings: 9 am to 6 pm.

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