Land of Gods

Bekal - Kasargod Kerala’s north most District,this was made part of the state only in 1956.A site of confluence for two different cultures Kerala and Karnataka. Kasargod is called the land of gods thanks to its many hallowed places of worship. As yet another showcase of Kerala’s secular mosaic, Hindu and Muslim places of  worship stand here shoulder to shoulder. The Malik Dinar mosque and Ananthapura, Kerala’s only lake temple are shining examples. Kasargod is known for its formidable forts. The 17th century Bekal fort overlooking the Arabian sea is the largest fort in the state. The mind-blowing edifice on the seashore as the waves lash against its  huge laterite bastions.

Other major fort is Chandragiri Fort built is  in 17th century a top a hill in Chandragiri village located where the Payaswini river meets Arabian sea. Kasargod is a spectacular showcase of two distinct cultural streams representing Kerala and Karnataka. While Kerala’s rich folk culture finds its splendid expression in the Theyyam and kaliyattam dances, Karnataka’s folk dance drama Yakshagana is part of Kasargode’s own tradition too. Kasargod also as its customary share of God’s Own country’s famed attractions like the beaches, hills and the jungles.

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