Kottiyoor Shiva Temple

This shrine at Kottiyoor, also known as the Varanasi of the South, is an important pilgrim centre. There are actually two temples here the Akkara and Ikkara Kottiyoor  located in a forested area on the banks of a river. During May-June every year, a 28-day festival that begins with the neyyattam and ends with the thirukulasathu, draws devotees from far and wide. During the neyyattam, a sword with deep religious significance, kept in Muthirikavu in Tavinal village, is brought to the Ikkara Kottiyoor to mark the beginning of the celebrations. Ghee is poured on the sword as a mark of devotion. Another ritual performed during the festival is elaneerattam, the pouring of tender coconut water.

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