A charming little town with  a distinctively French flavour, it is located 58 km north of Kozhikode and is bisected by the Mahe River. Originally the town was called ‘Mayyazhi’;   it was renamed ‘Mahe  after the Frenchman who captured it Mahe was an important trading centre under the French. Today a union territory, it is free of the strict government control on alcohol, which means there is no dearth of wine shops here.

Malayala Kalagramam:

Located just across the bridge on the Kerala side, in New Mahe, the Malayala Kalagramam is a centre of  fine arts that was established to preserve the cultural  heritage of the Malabar region and to create an avenue for the creative energies of its people. A range of disciplines, from dance, music, sculpture, art and graphic art to yoga and meditation are taught here.

St Teresa’s Church:

Considered one of the oldest in Malabar, this church was first erected in 1736 by an Italian, Father Dominic.   In the 1760 Franco-British war, the shrine suffered extensive damage. Abbe Duchenin then rebuilt it in 1788. St Teresa’s annual feast, held in October, draws   pilgrims from all over Kerala and abroad.

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