Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Declared a sanctuary as early as in 1958, the lack of sustained conservation efforts hampered Neyyar’s growth until 1985, when renewed efforts under a wildlife wing transformed it into a haven for exotic flora and fauna.

With 12,000 hectares of natural vegetation spread across an undulating terrain and the 1,868-m Agasthyamala Peak as its highest point, the sanctuary is interspersed with rushing brooks, flat meadows and gentle slopes, making it an ideal trekking destination. The Neyyar River, which originates from the Agasthya Peak, has an irrigation dam built across it here.

The Agasthyamala region supports a wide variety of plant species, and the variety of its flora and forest types make it an ideal gene pool reserve. Elephants, gaur, sambar, barking deer and the endangered Nilgiri tahr are found here, apart from reptiles such as the cobra, python, viper, rat snake and flying snake. The sanctuary is also a popular spot for watching birds.


This dam is a part of the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary which is the home of unique species of flora and fauna. From wild boars and elephants to the vast range of medicinal herbs Neyyar is truly a nature lover’s paradise. And this Dam is an hours drive from the City. It has a watch Tower, a crocodile farm , lion safari park and deer park. Boating facilities are also available at the reservoir.

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