Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

The Peppara wildlife Sanctuary was set up primarily to augment the water supply of Thiruvananthapuram. When a dam was built across the Karamana River in 1983 to meet the increased water supply needs of the city, the Paruthipally range became the catchment area for the dam reservoir. The entire area making up the sanctuary drains into the Peppara Dam reservoir that spreads across nearly 5.82 sq km.

Nestled in the Hestern Ghats, about 50 km from the city, it lies on the way to Ponmudi. The sanctuary actually consists of part of the Palode reserve and part of the Kottoor reserve. Apart from the darn and reservoir, forests, eucalyptus plantations and streams spread across 53 sq km.Tigers, panthers, elephants, sambar and gaur can be seen here. The barking deer, mouse deer and the wild boar are also found. The lion-tailed macaque and the Nilgiri langur represent the simian species, whereas the king cobra and python represent the reptiles.

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