Tali Temple

Built in the 14th century by the Zamorin  Manavikraman, on the site of an earlier temple, this shrine is located about one  and a half kilometres east of Mananchira Square close to. It has  elaborate carvings on wooden roofs and intricate bas-relief on the walls of the sanctum sanctorum. The temple is the venue of Revathi Pattathanam, an annual cultural and intellectual event.

CSI Church:

Built in 1842 as the largest Basel Mission church in the Malabar region, this shrine in the heart of the city is today’s CSI Church.The architecture is a mix of European and Kerala styles. The church has a three-tiered turret atop the arched entrance porch and the main hall, and a cluster of rooms to the back and sides, all with peaked, tiled roofs. It owns the only pipe organ among all the the absence of minarets is reminiscent of dioceses in Kerala – a gift from St Ayden’s Church in England.


Constructed in the 131″ century, this is the oldest mosque in the city, and has a stone slab inscribed in the ancient vattezhuthu (early Malayalam) script, narrating the story of a Zamorin king’s donation of land. The building stands on a plinth, 1.5 m tall, and sports a double-tiered roof with an ornamental gable. the outer walls have elaborate beams that support a coffered ceiling with intricate and beautiful woodcarvings.

Planetarium and Science Centre:

This 250-seater planetarium at the city’s Ialiar Khan Colony is a must-see. The ,,ophisticated Zeiss projector simulates the night sky. The entomology section, ‘Giants of Nature’, at the Regional Science Centre, has huge working models of garden insects, bugs and arthropods that simulate natural movements and is popular with visitors.

Pazhassiraja Museum and Art Gallery:

Built in 1812, it was known as the East Hill Bungalow, but was later renamed in 1980 alter Pazhassiraja Raja Kerala Varma of I lie Kottayam royal family. On display is a rare collection of copies of ancient murals, bronzes, old coins, excavated earthenware, models of temples and megalithic monuments such as rock-cut caves, crypts, umbrella stones and burial urns.
Next door is the art gallery, which exhibits an excellent collection of paintings by Raja Ravi Varma and his uncle, Raja Rama Vanua. The Krishna. Menon Museum is atso located here.

valayanadu Devi Kshetram:

This old shrine, located in Valayanadu, Govindapuram, was built in the 141″ century. The most important festival of the temple, held in the Malayalam month of Ma karam (December-January) and lasting eight days, attracts hundreds of devotees.Entry is restricted to Hindus.

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