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WayanadGod’s Own Country’s different face. No sprawling beaches, no panoramic backwaters. Instead the land abounds in high hills, dense forests, rolling meadows, subtropical savannas. But nestling in the Western Ghats, it is Kerala’s biodiversity hot spot. The high hills, dense tropical forests, gurgling streams and the spectacular waterfalls largely retain their pristine and primordial charm despite the encroaching waves of civilization. The sub tropical climate too makes Wayanad Kerala’s coolest retreat. It is atreat for the wildlife enthusiast. For the adventure tourist Wayanad is the best. The pristine forest stretches, rugged hills, uninhabited islands, prehistoric caves, spice plantations make Wayanad the trekkers paradise. No wonder it has emerged as the favorite get away for the IT professionals from Bangalore, India’s silicon valley. Added attractions include facilities for river rafting and kayaking. Tree top resorts offer an opportunity to see the world like a bird does.

The various sanctuaries give facilities including elephant safari to let one watch wild life from atop a jumbo. Wayanad is not just for the adventure tourist and the green traveler. Enthusiasts of history have found the place highly interesting. Historians say organized human life existed here as early as 4000 years ago dating to Mesolithic period. The prehistoric engravings on the surviving cave walls of Edakkal atop Ambukuthimala stand testimony to the region’s primordial past. Wayanad was also the home turf of the proud Pazassi Raja, an 18th century prince who fought the English colonialists with his tribal soldiers through guerilla warfare tactics. Wayanad is just the right place for those keen on anthropology as well. Home to more than 2,00,000 tribals Wayanad has the highest concentration of them in the state. Spread out in many tribes Wayanad was once their own while today they have been reduce to 20% of the district’s population.

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