Aranmula Boat Race

Aranmula Vallamkali, the water fiesta of Aranmula during Onam, owes its origin to the Sree Parthasarathy Temple. This Krishna Temple is situated on the banks of the Pamba river in Aranmula, is a picturesque village, 9km from Chengannur. The commencement of the event is marked by a snake- boat race in the afternoon. Early morning, the Snake Boats assemble near the temple, and take off in pairs. Each boat is thirty feet long and accommodates four helmsmen, one hundred rowers and twenty-five singers. Snake-Boats in action, with incessant full-throated singing and vociferous shouting by the crowds is an exciting event.
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  1. suresh nair says:

    water fiesta of pampa, aranmula vallamkali, around 140 members participating in a single team with one snake boat, one and only game in the whole world.
    all are welcome to PAMPA RIVER to celebrate ARANMULA VALLAM KALI scoming month.

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