Maha Sivarathri

ShivarathriMaha Sivarathri is an important festival of Hindus and it falls on the month of Kumbam (February-March). It is to commemorate the day on which Lord Siva consumed the deadly poison (Kalakuda) to save the world from destruction. On the Maha Sivarathri day, people throng all the prominent Shiva temples to offer their prayers to lord Shiva. There is no other place in Kerala where Sivarathri is celebrated on such a grand scale as in Aluva. The festival is held on the banks of River Periyar at Aluva. The sand bank is extensive and the pilgrims running into several thousands throng here. The pilgrims keep awake the whole night and return home next morning after performing Bali. There will be different shows, dances etc. meant for keeping the pilgrims awake throughout the night.
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