Backwaters of Kerala-The floating Truth

Want to hear the soothing sound of water rippling alongside you lie floating in the calm back waters of Kerala?

Kerala, nicknamed as
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Want to float for hours on end sending your worries to oblivion listening to the songs of the fisher folk?

Just get into one of those beautifully made houseboats with all the facilities of a most modern dwelling place and have a journey of your life in the back waters of Kerala.

You are sure to experience total relaxation as you move in over a world of serene beauty and charm of god’s own water ways in Kerala. While sailing, you can also savor the taste of the traditional cuisines made of fresh fish caught during the journey in the traditional houseboats. A journey through the backwaters of Kerala is no less than being transported to a fantasy land where earth, sea and sky, unite together to blend in a fairy tale like experience.

Kerala Backwaters View
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Kuttanad, the rice granary of Kerala, will stun you with its emerald green paddy fields and whistling waterways. Kuttanad has a tradition of taste and you are sure to become a fan of kuttanad cuisines once you taste them. Kumarakom is another stop you cherish to remember in the journey through the back waters. Blessed with beautiful landscapes and crystal clear waters, Kumarakom is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in India

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