Kerala Forts and Monuments

St. Angelo Fort
Kannur Fort One of the oldest surviving forts built by the first Portuguese viceroy to India Don Fransisco De Almeda in 1505. The seaside fort built by the consent of the local Raja still has the remnants of the six centuries-old ammunition dump, secret tunnels, a chapel etc. The fort changed hands as time progressed first to Dutch and then the English which made it into its military centre.
Bekal Fort
Bekal fort Kasargode is known for its formidable forts. The Bekal is the largest fort in the state. The mad-blowing edifice on the seashore as the waves lash against its laterite bastions. Spread in 40 acres the all-laterite fort built by the feudal Ikkeri Nayaks houses both a mosque and a Hanuman temple. The fort was an exclusive strategic installation as its various holes on walls, observation tower and the ammunition magazine were particularly designed to keep vigil for the enemies coming through the sea.
Tipu’s Fort
Palakkad Tipu's fort Built in 1766 by Hyder Ali, father of Tipu, the Mysore Sultan, who entered through the Palakkad Gap to conquer the British-riled Malabar. The granite fort is one of the best protected (by Archaeological Survey of India) monuments of the country and is in the midst of the town.

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