Kerala Land and People of Kerala

The Land, Kerala

The paradise called KeralaKerala is a small state tucked away in the southern most corner of India. The area of Kerala is 38,864 km, which is 1.03 percent of India’s total area. Kerala has 3.43 percent of the total population of the country.

Kerala can be divided into three geographical regions: highlands, midlands and lowlands. The forests, thick with a wide variety of flora and fauna form about 27.45 percent of the total area of Kerala. Spices, Sandalwood, oil-seeds, tea, coffee, rubber etc are extensively cultivated in the mountainous areas. Even today, these hill products bring considerable foreign exchange to the country. The midland has fertile reddish hills and valleys with a wide variety of cultivated vegetation-tapioca, banana, coconut, areca nut, mango, plantain, pepper, ginger, paddy etc. The sandy coastal region is picturesque with extensive coconut groves, paddy fields, backwaters and sea. Kerala has a large number of backwaters in closely linked to the sea. The Vembanadu lake is the largest, about 207 sq km in area. The Sasthamkotta lake is an extensive fresh water lake.

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