Kerala Legend

ParasuramaAccording to legends, Kerala is the land reclaimed from sea by he axewielding warrior sage Parasurama. Parasurama which literally means (‘axewielding Rama’) is the sixth avatar of Lord Mahavishnu, who came to this world to set free the world from the arrogant and oppressive rule of Kshatriyas. According to legends, he killed all the male Kshatriyas on earth and filled five lakes with their blood. Then on the advice of an assembly of learned men, he handed over the land he had conquered to Brahmins to save his soul from damnation. He did not want to stay at a place which did not belong to him. So, he went to Gokarna and sat in meditation and Varuna – the God of the Oceans and Bhumidevi – Goddess of Earth blessed him. He threw his battle axe across the ocean from Gokarna. The water receded and a land mass surfaced from the depths of the ocean. The land thus reclaimed became Parasurama Khsethra or Kerala, according to legends.

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