Kerala Toddy Shop

Toddy shop or Kallu shaap is ubiquitous in kerala. A trip to Kerala is never complete without a glass of toddy and some food from a Kallu Shappu .Toddy or Kallu is a Healthy Alcoholic Drink from Kerala. Toddy is made from coconut tree by using some special technique called toddy tapping. Toddy tapping, in fact, has been an age-old rural vocation. Toddy is made from the sap of the coconut flower before it blooms, the sweetish liquid is allowed to ferment overnight in bottles or earthenware vessels to produce toddy. The signboards strung before shacks proclaim that toddy is available inside, and men can be seen weaving in and out of these chanties at all odd hours. Combining the mildly intoxicating spirit with snacks, usually spicy seafoodm has been the tradition in Kerala for a long time. Normally it is very spicy food like fish curry, tapioca, beef fry. Some toddy shops even offer meats of rare birds and animals, cooked very spicy and go very well with the toddy. Toddy is sold for around Rs 35/- per litre.

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