Kerala Tourism

Kerala, southern most state in India is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Asia, with misty hill stations, grasslands that roll down the hilly spots, paddy fields, tea and coffee plantations. It is blessed with endless beaches, lush green forests, mountains, waterfalls, fertileland, banana, pineapple, papaya, mango,tapioca ,jack-fruit grows in abundance in Kerala and palm fringed lakes and backwaters, ayurveda resorts, green hill ranges, some of the highest tea estates in the world, wildlife sanctuaries and rich cultural heritage with spectacular temple festivals and thrilling snake boat races. Experience the many faces Kerala is sure to be lost amidst the serene environs of the backwaters and hillstations, rejuvenated with ‘Ayurveda’ or cruising.

It has some of the pristine hill stations in India, with the entire Western Ghats dotted with evergreens, rolling grasslands, sholas and stretches of rejuvenating fragrance of tea and coffee plantations. The wilder side of Kerala has in store some of the best wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the country with a variety of plant and animal life unique to Kerala.

The palm-fringed, tranquil backwaters are also the most popular tourist attraction of Kerala. They have dictated her history, shaped her present and promise a future by virtue of offering incomparable beauty and unique experiences. Visitors are given fullest value of money and time they spend in Kerala, which offers some of the best getaways when it comes to diversity.

Extend your tryst with this spectacular geographical wonder called Kerala and experience its rich cultural heritage and enterprising denizens who are epitomes of hospitality, which adds vibrancy to its diverse and bountiful natural wealth. Kerala is the land to experience such a paradise where abundant natural beauty and mind relaxing serenity delights its visitors.

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