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It’s a cliché to say that Kerala is still the God’s own country. Yet, we haven’t discovered another phrase to describe this lush green southern state of India.

So once again, welcome to ‘God’s own country’. A place where tradition meets trend and serenity rub shoulders with exuberance. Kerala is the most sought after destination among the 50 “must see destinations” of a life time by National Geographic Traveler. For a prolific traveler, Kerala offers everything to quench his wanderlust. May it be the dense tropical rain forests or the sandy beaches; the Kerala experience stands out from what you experience in other so called tourist destinations. Temples, Churches and mosques are architectural marvels, which opens before you a world of their own. Breathtaking Landscapes and never ending seasons add beauty to your visit. Fantastic festivals and captivating cultural practices are unique to the god’s own land. Classical and folk art forms are one of the main attractions of Kerala which prompted many a visitor to stay back to delve deep.

‘Aditi Devo Bhava’ (Treat a Visitor like God) is the motto of each and every Keralite, even if they are not directly associated with the hospitality industry. The warmth shown by you hosts will make you feel at home and we are sure that this will be your second home when you leave. Many visitors later came back and opted Kerala as their home to spend the remaining of their lives in peace and calm in tune with nature. Kerala is also known for its religious harmony and 100 per cent literacy. You’ll never find dearth in whatever information you need and no one will ever take you for a ride exploiting the opportunities

Munnar-’Honeymoon destination’

Among the hill stations of India, Munnar has a unique place with its ever charming climate and super cool atmosphere. You can have a face to face with nature’s wonders where ever you go in this tea garden which made it the favorite holiday home of the westerners from time immemorial. Munnar is not at all spoiled by the hectic pace of city life, here people still find time to celebrate and enjoy the nature up to the brim. Being one among them is the best experience one can have in life time. Learning the local wisdom, cuisines, customs, folk art and songs will fill you with ecstasy.

Kerala Backwater Tours

The backwaters of Kerala offer you a once in life time experience with floating manors and refreshing cuisines. You can also try your hand at surfing and other water sports in the sandy beaches and the crystal blue seas. In addition, the longest drive in beach of Asia is situated here in Kannur, a northern district of Kerala, which is also famous for folk art forms like Theyyam and Thria.

Kerala Ayurveda

Ayurveda, India’s own natural medical practice with no side effects, plays a great role in making Kerala, one of the sought after destinations. Here you can rejuvenate yourselves with herbal treatments and yoga which will make you a changed being when you return.

Kerala Art forms

Kathakali is one of the most popular classical art form of Kerala and Kerala Kalamandalam, the deemed university teaching Kathakali and other classical art forms has many students from all over the globe. Art forms like Mohiniattom, Chakyar Koothu, Ottan Thullal etc will give you an overview of the cultural diversity of the land. Christians and Muslim have also contributed their lot in the cultural as well as social awakenings of the state. Art forms like Chavittu natakam, Margom kali and Duff Muttu, Arabana Muttu, Kolkkali and oppana stands as testimonial to their contribution.

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