Osaka Educare, the Global Educational Consultant, of Osaka Group of Companies. The Group celebrating its Silver Jubilie Year of excellent services. Osaka Educare is dedicated to provide best plans for Indian students seeking for education abroad. We are providing best guidance and counseling to the students followed with University/College admission, guidance for bank loans, Visa processing, Airport assistance while departing and arrival in the destination, assistance for accommodation etc are some of the key services.

We are presently associated with eminent universities / colleges in the following countries :-

    •  Canada
    •  United States of America
    •  New Zealand
    •  Australia
    •  United Kingdom
    •  Singapore

As education is the basic stone in deciding the career of a student, we have no stone unturned in ensuring that you make the correct and timely decision.

Our unique feature is to assist you to select a best career oriented course enabling you to attain the goal after international education to Undergraduate, Graduates, Post Graduates and Professionals.

Our team of experts round the clock assist you for hassle free education.