Foreign Exchange Services


Forex is one of the most important steps to securing your finances while you travel abroad. We offer you the best value for your domestic currency in the international market and vice versa by helping you strike the best exchange value for the current market rates. We offer the following related services under this domain. They include:

  •  Buying and Selling of Foreign Currency
  •  Traveller's Card
  •  Telex Transfer
  •  Western Union
  •  Express Money
  •  Jaldhi Cash
  •  FC Demand Draft

We deal in all major unbeatable exchange rate to our esteemd customers,we do buying and selling,with dedicated foreign exchange counter.

Travel without any risk of holding cash with the new traveller's card with high security features ,easy to carry and enjoy shopping without any charges

 Cheaper than Buying Cash.

 Option To Upload 15 Major Currencies Eg: USD ,EURO ,CAD ,AUD etc.

 Can do shopping anywhere and anytime.

 Chip and Pin Enabled Visa Card for Enchanced Security.

 Facility to re-charge and activate within 15 minutes.

 Option to withdraw cash

 Upload up to 25,000 USD/ Financial Year.

 No additional charges except the mandatory service tax - .15% which you have to pay even if you buy cash.

 A kit containing the pin and 2 car would be provided which can be used in-cas of loss or theft.

 Facility to speak to our dedicated resources for any assistance  0484 3057739,3057740

Tranfer Money to foreign bank account to your dear ones,education purpose,tour and travel purpose, Medical Treatment expenses.

Receive money from your loved ones at Osaka within minutes of sending by providing the 10 digit MTCN no/Secret number with valid Proof.

Receive money from your loved ones from across the world by providing the 16 digit xpin No.

 You can Recharge for your pre-paid and pay your post-paid bills of your mobile and DTH.

 Domestic money transfer - Send moey to any Bank in India even after banking hours - IMPS.

 Money transfer facility to Nepal.

 Premium payment facility for Life Insurance and General insurance.

We provide FC DD payable in foreign currency.

Q : How much foreign currency can be carried in cash for travel abroad?
Traveller's going to all countries other than ( NEPAL ) and ( BHUTAN ) are allowed to purchase foreign currency notes/coins only up to USD 3000 per visit.Balance amount can be carried in the form of store value cards, traveller's cheque or banker's draft.Exceptions to this are
(a) Traveller's proceeding to Iraq and Libiya who can draw foreign exchange in the form of foreign currency notes and coins not exceeding USD 5000 or its equivalent per visit.

(b) Traveller's proceeding to the Islamic Republic of Iran , Russian Federation and other Republics of Commonwealth of Independent States who can draw entire foreign exchange (up-to USD 250,000) in the form of foreign currency notes or coins.

For travellers proceeding for Haj/Umarah pilgrimage ,full amount of entitlement ( USD 250,000 ) in cash or up to the cash limit as specified by the Haj Committee of India ,may be released by the ADs and FFMCs.
Q : How much Indian currency can be brought in while coming into India ?
A resident of India, who has gone out of India on a temporary visit may bring into India at the time of his return from any place outside India (other than Nepal and Bhutan), currency notes of Government of India and Reserve Bank of India notes up to an amount not exceeding Rs.25,000.A person may bring into India from Nepal or Bhutan, currency notes of Government of India and Reserve Bank of India notes, in denomination not exceeding R.100.Any person resident outside India, not being a citizen of Pakistan and Bangladesh and also not a traveller coming from and going to Pakistan and Bangladesh, and visiting India may bring into India currency notes of Government of India and Reserve Bank of India notes up to an amount not exceeding Rs.25,000 while entering only through an airport.

Any person resident in India who had gone to Pakistan and /or Bangladesh on a temporary visit, may bring into India at the time of his return, currency notes of Government of India and Reserve Bank of India notes up to an amount of exceedig Rs.10,000 per person.
Q : How much foreign exchange can be brought in while visiting India?
A person coming to India from abroad can bring with him foreign exchange without any limit.However, if the aggregate value of the foreign exchange in the form of currency notes,bank notes or travellers cheques brought exceeds USD 10,000 or its equivalent and/or the value of foreign currency alone exceeds USD 5,000 or its equivalent, it should be declared to the Customs Authorities at the Airport in the Currency Declaration Form (CDF), on arrival in India.
Q : Is there any time-frame for a travellers who has returned to India to surrender foreign exchange?
On return from a foreign trip, travellers are required to surrender unspent foreign exchange held in form of currency notes and travellers cheques within 180 days of return.However, they are free to retain foreign exchange up to USD 2,000, in the form of foreign currency notes or TCs for future use or credit to their Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) [RFC(Domestic)] Accounts.
Q : How many days in advance one can buy foreign exchange for travel abroad?
Permissible foreign exchange can be drawn 180 days in advance by an individual, resident in India.
Q : Can one pay by cash full rupee equivalent of foreign exchange being purchased for travel abroad?
Foreign exchange for travel abroad can be purchased from an authorized person against rupee payment in cash below Rs.50,000/-.However, if the sale of foreign exchange is for the amount equivalent to Rs.50,000/- and above, the entire payment should be made by way of a crossed cheque/banker's cheque/ pay order/ demand draft/ debit card/ credit card/ prepaid card only.
Q : Is there any category of visit which requires prior approval from the Reserve Bank or the Government of India?
Dance troupes, artistes, etc; who wish to undertake cultural tours abroad, should obtain prior approval from the Ministry of Human Resources Development (Department of Education and Culture), Government of India, New Delhi.
Q : Should foreign coins be surrendered to an Authorized Dealer on return from abroad?
The residents can hold foreign coins without any limit.