Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka – Pearl of Indan Ocean
Sri Lanka (Ceylon), is a small island in the Indian ocean of 65,000 square kilometers. Despite being so small the country has a wide range of geographic features and is rich in natural beauty.Large parts of Sri Lanka is covered in tropical forests, with hundreds of rivers flowing through them, often cascading in awesome waterfalls.
The southern and western regions have only two seasons, wet and wetter. Despite being a tropical island some parts of the country can almost be mistaken for deserts. Other regions experience rainy and dry seasons. The dry zone looks really wonderful just as the rains start to ease.
Most of the The country’s 18.5 million population speak Sinhala, Tamil or English. Sinhala is the most widely spoken language and the Sinhala people make up the largest ethnic group. Interestingly this language is not spoken anywhere else in the world, other than by a few traders in Chennai India!.
Sri Lanka Emergency Telephone Numbers
Police: 11-2433333
Fire and Ambulance: 11-2422222
Sri Lanka International telephone code: +94
Sri Lanka Speaking Clock:
1292 – exact time in Sinhala
1293 – exact time in Tamil
1294 – exact time in English

Currency of Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan Rupee. One Sri Lankan Rupee consists of 100 cents. Coins come in the denomination 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents and Rs. 1, 2, 5 and 10. The higher value denominations are found as notes, namely Rs.10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000.

Travelers Cheques and foreign currency can be exchanged at various commercial banks and hotels. Banks charge a 0.5% handling fee and a commission, which varies from bank to bank, while encashing Travelers Cheques. The use and acceptance of credit cards is widespread. While visiting a remote area it is advisable to arrange for an alternative mode of payment apart from credit card.

The approximate value of Sri Lankan money vis-à-vis major currencies of the world is given below.

Foreign Currency Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)
1 U.S. Dollar 100 LKR
What To Wear
Sri Lanka is a combination of Eastern and Western fashion. Most young people choose to wear casual jeans and t-shirt during the day as well as during the night. Teenagers are also seen wearing shorts, perfect for the tropical weather. It is wise to choose clothes that are made of cotton for added comfort. Also, choose shirts that are light of color because it reduces the heat during the day. Wearing dark clothing increases heat, which makes it uncomfortable to wear.Bring a good pair of sun glasses to protect your eyes from the heat of the sun. Choose thin fabrics for clothing to make your travel as comfortable as possible. Also, remember to bring with you a strong deodorant as it can be very hot in Sri Lanka. Choose nice and comfy walking shoes to match your outfit. You are advised to choose dark clothing only when needed, perhaps when asked to attend a formal gathering. During the night, wear long sleeves and pants if you are heading to a temple or other similar places
What To Bring
Perhaps a small clutch or bag to carry your valuables such as cell phone, money or credit card is what you need. If possible, choose one which is worn in front of the body. Bring with you first aid medicines or medication for mosquito bites. Bring bottled water with you so you can quench your thirst whenever needed.Some people tend to pack all their things when traveling. This is a big no-no to travelers who want to make their traveling experience comfortable and memorable. Fact is that a great number of travelers who pack lots of clothes during a vacation end up regretting packing too much because they don’t get to wear most of them. Aside from this, most laundry hotel services can be expensive, so it is wiser to take with you as fewer clothes as possible. It is worth noting that packing light can be rewarding.
When to Visit
Colombo enjoys fairly temperate climate throughout the year. The weather has no extreme variations here. However it is better to avoid monsoons while visiting Sri Lanka. Rainy seasons fall in May – August or October – January.
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