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Kerala Tourism’s new campaign commercial, Your Moment is Waiting


Theyyam, a still from the Kerala Tourism commercial ‘Your Moment is Waiting’. SPECIAL FEATURE: RETHINKING KERALA courtesy: Frontline Magazine HOLLYWOOD productions often reach mass audiences in Kerala only on the last leg of their world tour, and the film Eat, … Continue reading

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Kerala Kalamandalam


The famous poet, Valtathol Narayana Menon, is credited with the setting up of this premier institute in 1930 to nurture the growth of Kerata’s traditional dance forms. Initially located within the stately home of a feudal lord, it later shifted … Continue reading

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Kerala Kathakali


Kathakali is the most popular dance-drama of Kerala. This classical art form that evolved across the last 400 years combines facets of ballet, opera, masque and the pantomime. It is said to have evolved from other performing arts like Kootiyattam, … Continue reading

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Thrissur Pooram


A line of elephants in full splendor of festival adornments and surrounded by a spirited crowd. The snap for the month was taken during the most famous festival occasions of Kerala – the Thrissur Pooram. The elephants shown in the … Continue reading

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Kerala History

edakkal caves

Enraged by the arrogance and excesses of the early Kshatriya kings, Lord Vishnu assume the form of Parasurama (avatar of Rama wt the axe), and swore to annihilate 21 generation of them. However, once this mission was accomplished, rivers of … Continue reading

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