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Visa SectionAs the opportunities increase to travel abroad anywhere, people are in search of the right service. Osaka Air Travels is among the best visa consultants in Kerala. Visa guidance is essential for new visa seekers, specially on Student visas, Schengen visa, Business visit visa, Tourist visit visa, Employment visa, Family visa, Diplomatic visa and religious visa.
The visa desk services include visa guidance, visa application, visa submission, Embassy Interview appointment and embassy interview guidelines for Visa to Europe, Visa to Africa, Visa to USA, Visa to Canada, Visa to Middle East and Visa to Australia and all other Visa Pax.
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Phone: +91 484 3057706
Mobile: +91 9249449516
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  1. Githesh says:

    What is the requirement for obtaining Malaysia, Singapore Visit / Tourist visa. Please provide details about the visa requirements including documents required, total fees, time taken to issue the visa, etc…


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