Chairman and MD of Osaka Group

Osaka Group has six vertical companies. Among these, four are fully focusing the entire services in the travel trade only. 5th company is providing a high end quality overseas education consultation globally. 6th company is providing services to have a better quality in life (ie. charitable and social activities).

As you all know, the world is on the edge of a great revolution of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum computing. Based on this revolution, Osaka Group wants to be an MNC before 2025 by opening offices in six continents from 2021 onwards through our Global portal .Osaka Group is introducing for the first time in the world A GLOBAL TRAVEL HYPER MARKET, in the name Osaka connect dot com with 24 travel services and products.

Company wants to protect entire conventional business and also online travel services for the new generation. Company is also promoting clients who has great passion in start- up business.

Osaka group is always observing the global developments. Along with that developments, we are remolding our team to cope up with the global developments. We are very alert and more conscious about the uniqueness in our products and services to the society. We are very grateful and thankful to all our supportive customers spread all over the world. Osaka Group is always focusing a global travel revolution and quality revolution. World is widely open but very closer in terms of technology.

Life is very beautiful.
What we think, we become.
We are ready to serve you to have unique experiences.
Wish you happy moments in each and every second of your life.
Have a great life.