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Osaka Connect Partner

Partner with Osaka Group means to make an association with Osaka Group through Osaka Connect Dot Com Pvt.Ltd. Osaka Connect Dot Com Pvt.Ltd is a global travel hypermarket with 24+ products. Which means we serve the entire travel products under one roof through the advanced digital platform of Osaka. We have different types of association modes which includes.

  • B2B Module
  • B2C Module
  • B2E Module
  • Whitelabel solutions
  • Facilitation for start ups
  • Facilitation program for travel agencies
  • Holiday builder
Unlock new business opportunities to unlock borderless growth
Build trust and drive business
Manage customer experience, not just customer lifecycle
Active across all travel sectors
Top quality travel experiences
Strong backend team with even stronger values

Each partnership with Osaka Connect is unique and built around shared priorities that contribute towards our goal of helping young people across the world achieve their entrepreneurial potential.